“My time studying in Luzern, Switzerland, through the Dual MA Program has been an extraordinary and transformative experience. This unique opportunity allowed me to immerse myself in a new academic and cultural environment, opening my mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

At the University of Lucerne, I encountered an academic framework that emphasized quantitative methodologies and political contexts distinct from those I was accustomed to in Canada. As a student more inclined towards qualitative methods, this presented a challenge, but one that proved immensely valuable. Earnest exposure to these new challenges also revealed how my interests and background are strengthened by combining what I am comfortable and what challenges me, fostering both personal and academic growth.

Living in Switzerland was a fundamental aspect of my experience. The Swiss way of life prioritizes regional and linguistic identity, while boasting centralized and highly effective services, such as their impressive nationalized transit system. The friends I made during my time enriched my journey by providing insights into the uniqueness of the country and its people. We shared wonderful moments, exploring the diverse regions of Switzerland, participating in events like Zurich Pride, and even venturing beyond its borders to experience the interconnectedness of neighboring countries.

As I reflect on this experience, I am filled with gratitude for the personal and academic growth it has brought me. It has broadened my horizons, deepened my knowledge, and introduced me to a world of opportunities. This journey has not only honed my academic expertise but also enriched my life with cherished memories and lasting connections.”

Liam O’Brien

Learn more about the International Dual Degree Option in our MA Program, which partners with the University of Lucerne, Switzerland.