Political Science Drop Box

The Departmental drop box was established to accept late papers ONLY, or to be used in extenuating circumstances when students cannot submit papers in class or to the instructor directly.

The box is cleared each workday at 4.00 pm

  1. Assignments are placed in the course instructor mailboxes.
  2. All assignments are date stamped with the same day’s date.
  3. All assignments must clearly indicate: your name, the instructor’s name & course number.
  4. Please staple your assignment securely.
  5. You must keep a second copy of any assignment submitted through this drop box.

Staff cannot be held responsible for misplaced or lost assignments

Political Science Drop Box Policy

As noted in all Political Science course outlines (under Academic Accommodations), the Political Science drop box is emptied every weekday at 4 pm. Items retrieved at that time will be date-stamped with that day’s date.

If you feel as though you have extenuating circumstances which prevented you from meeting the 4 pm drop box deadline, please email your professor to request special accommodation.

Office staff will not date stamp any items submitted after 4 pm.

In fairness to all students, the office staff will not make any exceptions to this drop box policy.

Thank you for your cooperation.