From Lucerne to Carleton University: Winter 2019

Maximilian Kallenbach

Max Kallenbach, our first dual MA student from Lucerne at Carleton

After completing an internship in Toronto in 2016, I immediately knew: Canada, I will be back! But I didn’t know it would be so soon until I received the acceptance letter from Carleton University’s first Dual Degree Program last year.

Max and his room mates, Carnival Night at the Carleton University Caf

I arrived in January and, I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to experience one of Ottawa’s coldest winter in years. -25 degrees was quite a shock I must say, but it didn’t matter to me since the warmth I experienced from Carleton University’s awesome student community made up for it all. Since then, I have joined some great Clubs and Societies (on and off-campus), and I was invited to volunteer at the  RRRA (Rideau River Residence Association) campaign. Pretty cool, huh? Long discussions at night on campus, networking events, student parties were just three memorable parts that made my stay even better.

I highly enjoyed the classes, and I have learned plenty of things during the discussions with my fellow students. We could not change everything that’s going wrong in 2019, but at least we tried to approach a solution to the migration crisis around the world and the economic issues that come with it. Kudos to us! The breadth of courses and opportunities really made it a great experience.

Max and friends in Gatineau Park

Doing a double degree is an immense privilege, and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys experiencing new cultures and widening their own personal horizon. Ottawa is a cool place to live, and Carleton University is a campus where everyone feels welcome, and everyone can find a place to thrive. Stop thinking about it and start packing for a great time. The country’s beauty is stunning, and the people really are super friendly here. I am off to America now for an internship, and although I am super excited for this new chapter, I am a little sad to leave the community here. But again, I know for sure that I will be back.