The Chair’s Message

Jonathan Malloy, Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at Carleton University. We are among the largest political science departments in Canada, with over thirty faculty teaching across a wide range of political science subjects. We are proud to exemplify both the traditional strengths of political science such as international relations, the history of political thought, and Canadian politics and political economy as well as newer areas such as gender and diversity and migration and diaspora studies.

The Department offers a BA in Political Science and the Global Politics Specialization within the Bachelor of Global and International Affairs (BGInS) program, and the MA and PhD program at the graduate level. At the graduate level we offer both MA and PhD programs that will provide you with the advanced knowledge and research skills for careers either in academia or other important pursuits.  Carleton graduates can be found teaching in almost every Canadian university and around the world, and the senior ranks of many organizations, especially here in the national capital, whether they be in the public service or the private and non-profit sector.

Our faculty are national and international leaders in the discipline, publishing cutting edge research on Canadian political institutions, the contours of race and gender discrimination, the evolution and engagement of competing traditions of political theory, and the most pressing issues facing the international community (such as war, environmental degradation, refugee movements and financial crises). We work hard to bring our research to the public debates which inform the practices of local, national and international politics. Carleton political science professors are regularly featured in the media, and we believe that conducting exceptional research helps us to achieve excellence in teaching.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our outstanding Department. Every year we are proud to graduate students who have learned about the problems and prospects of political institutions and systems and desire to bring that knowledge to bear on improving their world as well as their own individual lives. Whether they go on to further studies or enter the workforce, they bring together their own enthusiasm and the knowledge we have helped them to acquire and apply these to their chosen career paths. We are proud to have been a part of their lives, and we look forward to working with the next generation of enthusiastic and committed students.

The Capital Advantage

Petrov_sample1resizeCarleton’s location in the nation’s capital places you in the heart of the country’s political process, giving you unparalleled access to resources unavailable elsewhere in the country.  Carleton students enjoy easy access to Canada’s federal government and can tour Parliament Hill, visit the Library of Parliament, attend Parliament when it is in session, and volunteer or work for government departments and agencies located in the city.  Ottawa is also home to eleven national museums, Library and Archives Canada, more than 900 national and international associations, and a multitude of high commissions and foreign embassies.