Noah S. Schwartz

photo of Noah Schwartz

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of the Fraser Valley

PhD in Political Science, 2021

Dr. Noah S. Schwartz is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley. His scholarship focuses on advocacy groups, social movements, and firearms policy in Canada and the United States. His research interests include group politics and social movements; the politics of narrative and memory; the theories of the policy process; and firearms policy.

Noah is a firm believer that engaged scholarship means bridging the gap between academics and the general public, and a strong commitment to teaching excellence.

He is the author of On Target: Gun Culture, Storytelling & the NRA, as well as several journal articles and op-eds.

My time at Carleton built the foundation upon which my career was launched. In addition to gaining a strong knowledge of the discipline of political science, I left with real teaching experience, and the career skills I needed to navigate a very competitive academic job market.