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Season Two

political science podcast logoIf season one of the Carleton University Political Science Podcast was a single conversation on a turning point in human history, then season two is a musing on the impact of that turning point.

The year 2020 was a year unlike any other when nerves of politics, culture and injustice were exposed and – to borrow a phrase from a dear friend – became mixed into a big pot of crisis, instability and change. Each episode of season two interrogates unique and novel ‘exposed nerves’ within different political and social ecosystems in conversation with faculty of the Department of Political Science and its graduate body—from the illiberal politics of World Wrestling Entertainment and racialized standards of the beauty industry to the emergence of cyberspace as a new horizon of war and space as the final frontier of politics. If season one told a story of transition, season two mediates on the oscillation between continuity and rupture in its wake.

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Join PhD candidate Asif Hameed each week as he discusses and brings to light issues that matter with academic experts, offering dynamic perspectives on the current affairs of an ever-changing world.