First Year Seminar Courses (FYSM) 2020-21

First-year seminar (FYSM) courses are small classes (usually with 30 students) designed to give students the opportunity to discuss and research topics of interest in a core subject area. Most university students are in their third or fourth year of study before they have the opportunity to take seminar courses. As a Carleton University Bachelor of Arts (BA) student, you are provided with this experience at the first-year level through enrolment in your First-Year Seminar.

Fall/Winter 2020-21 Courses

Fiona RobinsonAre you a Feminist? Understanding Feminism in Contemporary Politics

FYSM 1611
Instructor: Fiona Robinson

How do you respond when someone asks you ‘Are you a feminist?’ or ‘What do you think of the #MeToo movement’?  Heightened by the power of social media, the term ‘feminism’ seems to be everywhere.  Justin Trudeau has proclaimed that he is a proud feminist.  Beyoncé is also a feminist. But are their feminisms the same?  What does it mean to be a feminist?  How does feminism relate to other ideas and movements in politics?  This course will examine the politics of contemporary feminism, using examples from Canada and around the world.  Each week we will read and discuss issues related to contemporary feminism through readings from the popular press/social media, as well as scholarly articles on feminist theory and gender studies that complement and provoke questions about these issues.  The aim of the course is to provide students with a deeper understanding of the arguments guiding contemporary feminist movements in the context of domestic and international politics today, and with the intellectual tools to make informed judgements and decisions about your own guiding beliefs.  Throughout the course we will also spend time focusing on practical skills required for academic success.  Seminars will be run according to principles of mutual respect, equal voice, informed judgement, attentive listening and inclusiveness.

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