June 2017

Dear Returning Students in Political Economy,

We hope you are enjoying the summer.  Here’s some information that you’ll need for registration in the 2017-18 academic year.  Please follow carefully the instructions that are outlined in this letter and the accompanying enclosures.  The graduate calendar (http://www.carleton.ca/calendars/grad/current/) contains course descriptions and the class schedule includes a list of courses that will be offered this academic year as well as time and classroom information.   You must register via the web and access the class schedule at- https://central.carleton.ca.

Registration for graduate students begins on June 23rd, the time of day depending on the last two digits of your student number.  You may register anytime thereafter.  Please see http://www.carleton.ca/registrar/registration/time-tickets  for your registration time.  August 25th is the last day to complete your registration without incurring a late registration fee, however you have until September 19th to change courses without penalty.  The fall course code and number for the thesis is PECO 5909 (CRN 34198); the research essay is PECO 5908 (34197).  The winter course code and number for the thesis is PECO 5909 (CRN 14008); the research essay is PECO 5908 (CRN 14007).

We are also providing a list of recommended courses offered in other departments, which you may find helpful.  Also, please remember to add our placement course, PECO 5907, to your list of options.  Please have your course choices approved by Donna or me prior to registration.

We will be contacting you a little later in the summer regarding your thesis/research essay progress. We hope to have your proposal in the department by September 30th.

If you have any questions about registration or related matters, please do not hesitate to contact Donna Coghill (donna.coghilll@carleton.ca, phone 613-520-7414) or me (cristina.rojas@carleton.ca).

Cristina Rojas, Director