If you have any questions or concerns about our services, you can contact us by phone at (613) 520-3500 or by email at registrar@carleton.ca. Please note that we can only act on requests sent from your Carleton email account.

The Registrar’s Office manages the academic activities of all Undergraduate and Special students as well as the academic records of all Carleton students, past and present. To best manage the student records, the Registrar’s Office has a number of teams responsible for particular tasks.

Associate University Registrar – Dotty Nwakanma

Phone: (613) 520.2600 x. 4441
email: dotty.nwakanma@carleton.ca

Responsibilities: Oversees the management of the Registrar’s Office operations, Undergraduate Appeals Secretariat and curriculum development; represents the Registrar’s Office on a number of university wide committees; liaises with Associate Deans and senior administration to ensure the proper administration of university rules and regulations and leads a wide variety of student support and service excellence initiatives.

Dan BeginAssociate Registrar, Student Systems Support – Dan Begin

Phone: (613) 520.2600 x. 3129
email: dan.begin@carleton.ca

Responsibilities: Oversees the implementation and maintenance of student systems and applications such as Banner, u.achieve (DARS) audits, Carleton Mobile; responsible for the production of the university undergraduate and graduate calendars; implementation and maintenance of curriculum management and calendar production tools (CourseLeaf); delivery of system reports, documentation and training; represents the Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrollment) on university-wide committees.

James MorettonAssistant Registrar, Central Academic Records – James Moretton

phone: (613) 520.2600 x. 3908
email: james.moretton@carleton.ca

The Central Academic Records team is responsible for transcripts and certificates of enrollment; grade processing; production of convocation diplomas; changes to student records (name change); University of Ottawa exchanges; status change, re-registration; deferral application processing and petitions; student file management; administrative management and coordination of Academic Integrity appeals; chair of the Financial Appeals Committee.

Erika Strathearn

Assistant Registrar, Academic Evaluation and Curriculum  – Erika Strathearn

Phone: (613) 520.2600 x. 3505
email: erika.strathearn@carleton.ca

The Academic Evaluation and Graduation team is responsible for student audit maintenance/generation; international fee exemptions; academic standing; graduation eligibility; change of program elements; DARS exceptions; international exchange programs; outgoing letters of permission; administrative management of Curriculum Planning

Assistant Registrar, Student Services and Registration and Undergraduate Appeals Secretariat – Karla Creech

Phone: (613) 520.2600 x. 1600
email: karla.creech@carleton.ca

The Student Services team is responsible for responding to inquiries (in person, phone, email); providing registration assistance to undergraduate, special, visiting and exchange students; all registration-related matters; course availability; de-registration; appeal of grade; overload requests; registration related appeals; incoming letters of permission; off campus and client sponsored programs.

The Undergraduate Appeals Secretariat is responsible for petition processing; secretary of the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee; responding to student inquiries regarding the petition process.

Anne YoungOperations and Communications – Anne Young

Phone: (613) 520.2600 x. 2407
email: anne.young@carleton.ca

The Operations and Special Projects team is responsible for human resources related matters; budget management & purchasing; facilities management; project planning; convocation planning & logistics; special events; meeting support.

The Communications team is responsible for: web site management (Registrar’s Office, Registration, Summer, CU Know How, Administrator’s website); publications; student communications; bulletins; Carleton Central management.