1. Step 1: Informal Appeal of Grade
  2. Step 2: Formal Appeal of Grade

Step 1: Informal Appeal of Grade

  • Questions regarding your grade should first be directed to your instructor either in person or through your Carleton email account.
  • You must clearly outline why you feel your grade is incorrect to your instructor.
  • This informal appeal should be done within 7 working days once the grade in question has been made available.
  • Be sure to retain any written correspondence between yourself and your instructor (Section 3.3.4 of the Undergraduate Calendar).

Step 2: Formal Appeal of Grade

  • If your concerns have not been addressed in your attempt to resolve the matter informally you may complete a Formal Appeal of Grade form through the Registrar’s Office. You can initiate this process by emailing the Registrar’s Office.
  • Be sure to include any supporting documentation including the original graded work in question and any written correspondence between you and your instructor. You are advised to retain copies of your original work.
  • If the original graded work in question is not in your possession, you must indicate this on your appeal of grade form.
  • This appeal should be submitted within 20 working days from when the grade was made available.
  • This process will take approximately 10 days depending on the circumstances.
  • You will be notified the final decision of your grade via email to your Carleton email address by the Dean’s office. The decision of the Dean is final (Section 3.3.5 of the Undergraduate Calendar).
  • Your grade may be lowered, raised, or left unchanged as a result of this process.