The SOAR Student Leadership Conference is an annual conference for student leaders at Carleton University. At SOAR, students are challenged and inspired to develop their leadership skills through informative and interactive workshops and presentations.

When is SOAR?

SOAR will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Last year, we invited Craig Kielburger, the founder of Free the Children and Me to We to speak at SOAR. Our keynote speaker for SOAR 2017 is one of Canada’s most well known entrepreneurs Arlene Dickinson!

The Student Leadership Conference provides delegates with many unique opportunities. Students who participate in the conference will be able to:

  • Challenge themselves in new and meaningful ways outside of the classroom
  • Learn about different models to become an effective leaders
  • Understand foundations and theories about leadership and their potential as a leader
  • Enhance their personal philosophy of leadership
  • Attend informative and interactive workshops on a variety of trends and topics, delivered by engaging speakers
  • Engage with a well-known keynote speaker – Arlene Dickinson
  • Gain valuable experience that can be added to students’ Co-Curricular Record

Registration for SOAR 2017

SOAR 2017 is SOLD OUT! See you all at the conference on January 21st! If you were unable to register, consider attending Arlene Dickinson’s second talk at Carleton, on January 21st at 7pm in Fenn Lounge.


Our Education Sessions have been confirmed! Check out the schedule below to see the sessions offered at this year’s SOAR!

SOAR 2017 Schedule

More Information

For more information regarding the SOAR Student Leadership Conference, please e-mail