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CEL Updates

Back in 2018, CEL launching the start of the year with Carleton Serves.

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a method of experiential learning that emphasizes action, reflection and real-world engagement. It allows individuals to participate in hands-on experiences while gaining critical thinking, problem-solving and reflection skills by creating mutually beneficial relationships between individuals and communities.

The Community Partnership Project (CPP) uses a community-engaged learning model to encourage students to participate in service. CPP connects Carleton students with community organizations (charities, non-profits, and social service organizations) in Canada. Following four months (October 2021 to January 2022) of self-paced modules on community-engaged learning and project management, students will spend their winter reading week (February 2022) remotely supporting community organizations with the research, planning, and execution of community-identified projects. Application to participate is now closed.

The benefits of community-engaged learning include: Participants can link their academic experience to their community, better understand the larger effects of their contributions, and understand their roles as global citizens in relation to social change.

Questions can be directed to cpp@carleton.ca.

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Humans of CEL

Karl (right) on ASB in Guatemala with his teacher (left).

Featuring Karl Wilhelmus

Last year I participated in a program that gave us Carleton students an opportunity to listen to the experiences of rural Guatemalan students. Using the UN sustainability goals, we compared how Canada and Guatemala have similar strengths and societal problems. The year before, I travelled to Guatemala with the Alternative Spring Break program which was a life-changing experience. We volunteered at a school called “Niños de Guatemala” where we assisted the teachers and worked with the students. Both the IPP and ASB experiences shaped how I see the world. Being a BGInS student, I have learnt various theories on how the world works but have never been able to see how they are applied in real life. These programs gave me the opportunity to bring these abstract theories into my personal experiences. To anyone who is on the fence or interesting in participating in future IPP, ASB or Campus Community Day events, I highly recommend it.

Partnership Spotlight

Featuring Ottawa Food Bank

During partnership interviews, Jo-Anne Turple, the Ottawa Food Bank volunteer coordinator, talked about what has changed since the pandemic started. The organization’s focus and goals have not changed because of the pandemic but they have shifts some aspects of their work. Ottawa Food Bank served 14 tons of food and now it has doubled. They had to figure out how to deal with only 15 per cent of volunteers helping because of COVID-19. The organization is aiming to use the North Star Approach as part of their long-term goal as they want to see community support centres that have food banks in them.

When looking for volunteers they want people who can come in every week, flexible so they can meet a variety of needs, and over the age of 18. To prepare yourself for becoming a volunteer with Ottawa Food Bank, Triple advises you to check out the website and self-educate yourself about the work that is being done and if you can meet those needs. They are looking for people who are not afraid to work in different environments, getting dirty, and people who are friendly and open.

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