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Golam Rabbani

Contract Instructor

Degrees:PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies (Queen’s University), MA (University of Antwerp, Belgium), MA (Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh), BA Honours (Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh)
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Areas of Interest

As a transnational scholar, I am invested in postsecondary research and teaching for more than fourteen years in Canada, Bangladesh, and Belgium. My creative and musical experience integrates into interdisciplinary and community-based research. I practice holistic research approaches that address various disciplines in humanities and social sciences. My research, therefore, intersects the disciplines of literature, ethnomusicology, religion, and cultural studies. I am more dedicated to investigating societal issues through literature, music, and spirituality and celebrate diversity, inclusion, and decolonization in academic endeavors.

My SSHRC-funded PhD project examines the literature and music of Bauls, the heterogeneous group of itinerant minstrels in Bangladesh. The study investigates the influence of commodification, consumer capitalism, and agency in the changes of Baul literature, music, and spiritual beliefs in urban and rural areas of the country. I am trained in Baul and Bengali folk music and Indian classical music and have been involved in experiential learning with Baul communities since my childhood. I also received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Action II scholarship to study in Belgium, where my literary research involved the studies in race, class, and gender.

Looking into the issues of diversity and decolonization, my upcoming book chapter titled “Spiritual Lyrics and Folklore: From Bhakti to Bauls,” discusses the importance of subaltern and marginalized communities in the mainstream artistic traditions in Bangladesh. Also, examining the nature-centered philosophy in South Asia, another forthcoming book chapter, “Ecocriticism and Bauls: Lalon and Radharaman’s Meditative Activism,” investigates the environmental activism and eco-centric philosophy of subaltern communities that challenge the colonial and anthropocentric environmental discourses and practices. The greater scope of my research includes hemispheric trajectories of political and intercultural traditions, including asymmetrical exchanges between the Canadian contexts and their “others.” My upcoming project brings musical spirituality in Canadian contexts, investigating how the music of various belief systems play a role in first-generation migrants’ adaptation to Canadian society.

Research Interests

Music, Spirituality, and Society
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
South Asia and Popular Culture
Representation in Film and Media
Postcolonial Studies and Decolonization
Western and non-Western Literature
English Language Teaching

Courses at Carleton University

ANTH 3215A/MUSI 3301A Music and Religion

Selected Publications

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Heterogeneity and Baul Spirituality: The Songs of Baul Taskir Ali in Bangladesh.” Contemporary Media Arts Journal, Issue 6, 2019. Simon Fraser University, Canada.

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