Keith Denny

Adjunct Research Professor and Director, Clinical Data Standards and Quality, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Degrees:Ph.D. (Toronto)

Research Interests and Areas of Expertise

  • Sociology of diagnosis
  • Knowledge organization and classification systems
  • Sociology of quantification and performance measurement in health
  • Health and social inequalities
  • History of concepts and ‘vehicular ideas’ in health
  • Institutional discourses and health-related socialities and identities

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Denny K., Hanmer L., Hargreaves J., Jakob R., Linton C., Macpherson B. Madden R., ten Nepel H. World Health Organization Family of International Classifications. Geneva: WHO, Forthcoming.

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Journal Issues

Editor (with Jeremy Veillard Toronto), Healthcare Papers: Meeting the Needs of Health Care’s Highest Users by Strengthening Clinical and Social Integration. 14(2), 2014.

Editor (with Frank Elgar) Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health: Mental Health Promotion: A Population Health Perspective. 31(1), 2013.

Editor Canadian Journal of Public Health: Area-Based Socioeconomic Measures as Tools for Health Disparities Research, Policy and Planning. 103(suppl 2), 2012.

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