Photo of Laura Hall

Laura Hall

Associate Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (York University), M.A. (Trent University), B.A. Honours (Carleton University)
Office:D797 Loeb Building

Dr. Laura Hall is a graduate of York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. Her work is about ‘learning to learn’, from within an Indigenous worldview, focused on sustainability, the rights of Indigenous women and Two-Spirit/LGBTQ communities, and land back. Laura was raised by her Mohawk mother and English-Canadian father on Anishinaabe territory in N’Swakamok (Sudbury). Her current interests are settler colonial theory and intersectionality, pop culture analysis, and bridge-building between social work and sociology, as well as Indigenous environmental theory and sociology.

Research Interests

• Decolonizing methodologies through arts and land-based learning
• Settler colonial studies, cultural production and pop culture analysis
• Indigenous environmental theory and settler colonialism
• Hetero-patriarchy and the settler colonial project
• Decolonial social welfare studies
• Indigenous anarchist and feminist theories

Currently accepting graduate students interested in research related to sociology and settler colonial studies, Indigenous anarchism/s, feminism/s and environmental intersectional analyses,
decolonizing social welfare studies and sociology, settler colonialism, cultural production and pop culture analysis.

Current Research

2020-ongoing. SSHRC Insight Grant, $69,000. Clayworks and Creation’ing: Addressing and Ending Violence through Empowerment for Indigenous Women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA Communities. Role: Primary Investigator.

2019-ongoing. The Children’s Art Project, SSHRC, New Frontiers in Research, $250,000. Role: Co-Primary Investigator.

2019-ongoing. Intersectional Sports Research Project, SSHRC, New Frontiers in Research, $250,000. Role: Collaborator.

2018-ongoing. SSHRC, New Frontiers in Research, $250,000. The Creative Native.