Photo of Liam Kilmurray

Liam Kilmurray

Contract Instructor

Degrees:Ph.D. Archaeology (University of Sheffield), M.Phil Archaeology (University of Cambridge), M.A. Anthropology/Archaeology (Carleton University), B.A. Anthropology (Carleton University)

Areas of Interest

Liam’s areas of interest include prehistory, archaeology, Indigenous Studies, and social memory. He is also particularly interested in anthropological theory and ethnographic studies. Liam worked in archaeology for 8 years, taught both sociology and anthropology at the University of Ottawa for 14 years, and is currently a Contract Instructor at Carleton University where he has worked part-time since 2003. As an instructor Liam aspires in his teaching to introduce students to the four-filed approach to anthropology (biological, linguistic, cultural and archaeological anthropology). Drawing on his work as an archaeologist, his education in anthropological theory, and his teaching experience in in both sociology and anthropology, Liam’s courses in anthropology seek to teach students about the different fields of anthropological inquiry, the complexities of culture, and the fascination of the anthropological world. Liam has been married for 32 years, has two sons, a dog, and is passionate about Gaelic football. In his spare time he devours history books.

Courses Taught at Carleton University

ANTH 1001 (Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1002 (Select Issues in Anthropology)
SOC-ANTH 2020 (Race and Ethnicity)
ANTH 2205 (Biological Anthropology)
ANTH 3007 (History of Anthropological Theory)
DIST 4902 (Inter-disciplinarian Studies: Archaeology)

Courses Taught at the University of Ottawa

SOC1101, SOC1105, SCS1150, SOC2105, SOC2113, SOC3137, SOC2304, ANT1101, ANT2113, ANT2126, ANT3140


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