Payment is not accepted on campus.

Payroll Deductions


To be eligible for payroll deduction, student must be receiving funds from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA) in the form of a teaching and/or research assistantship. Students must also complete and return the ‘Acceptance of Award’ form to FGPA and have a full-time status.

How to Pay by Payroll Deduction

Available graduate funding will show as a payment arrangement at Step 4 of the registration process on Carleton Central. Students will be able to make assign their payroll deduction at this point. Students can also assign their funding on Calculate Amount to Pay by selecting ‘View/Assign Funding’.

Changing your Status and Funding:

If you change your status and your funding is subsequently denied or reduced, you are responsible for the immediate payment of the deficit amount by using one of the other fee payment methods.