This list will help you get ready to attend Carleton University and should be used in conjunction with the Registrar’s New Student Checklist.

Know your Student Number

You can’t make a payment with out it. Check your admission package, emailed to you by Admissions Services, for the nine digit number that begins with ‘10’.

Setup your MyCarletonOne Account and Carleton Email

Before registration begins, be sure to set up your MyCarletonOne account, which gives you access to all of Carleton’s IT services and applications including your Carleton email. Your Carleton email will be the university’s official means of communicating with you.

Manage your email communications

On Carleton Central, you can change your email settings to automatically receive payment receipts when payments are applied to your account or other financial notices such as when a new fee is added to your account.

Opt-Out of Fees

Students can apply to opt-out of the UPass under Student Online Applications on Carleton Central. For more information, please check out the UPass website.

Health Insurance
Students are able to apply to opt-out of the health and/or dental insurance once classes have begun. Students are expected to include these fees when paying their account by the payment deadlines.If the opt-out is approved, the rebate will be applied to your student account.

Each student association has their own deadline and process to submit the opt-out application. If you miss the deadline to opt-out of fees, you will not be able to opt-out.

For the undergraduate, visit CUSA health insurance page.
For the graduate, visit GSA health insurance page.

View your Student Account Balance

Once your registration and opt-out is completed, your next step is to view your account balance. On Carleton Central, you will select ‘Calculate Amount to Pay’ to see a breakdown of your account balance per term.

Keep Track of Deadlines

Make sure you are familiar with the payment deadline for each term, you may want to set a reminder in your calendar. Missing a payment will result in late payment charges being applied to your student account.

Pay Your Account

Payment Methods
Information on how to make a payment can be found on our payment method page.

Financial Aid
Ontario Student Aid: Make sure your entitlement is available by the term’s payment deadline to receive the deferral deadline. If you have questions regarding your OSAP, contact the Awards and Financial Aid Office.

Out-of-Province Student Aid: Make sure you inform the Awards and Financial Aid Office of your out-of-province student aid by the term’s payment deadline to receive the deferral deadline.

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) or Student Line of Credit
To use your RESP funds or to apply for a line of credit, you will need a Verification of Student Status (VOSS) form. To request a VOSS, on Carleton Central select ‘Request a Transcript/Certificate of Enrolment/Verification of Student Status’ from the main menu.

Teaching or Research Assistant Funding
If you are receiving funds from a teaching or research assistant position, you can assign that funding to reduce your amount owing on Calculate Amount to Pay by selecting ‘View/Assign Funding’.

Provide Third Party Consent

If you would like to have a third party contact us for information about your student account, you will need to provide them with consent, for more information on how to do so, please refer to our Third Party Consent page.

Ask for Help

If you have any questions our FAQ can’t answer about your student account, we invite you to contact our department at or by telephone 613-520-2600 x3626.

Please remember that all email communication must come from your Carleton University email address and include your student number in order for our department to release financial information.