Term fees should be paid in full by the posted deadlines. Account balances left outstanding after a posted deadline are subject to late payment and interest charges. Overdue accounts are subject to financial holds that will prevent future registration and access to academic records. Students who have not paid their fees by the deadline may be deregistered from their courses.

Similarly, registering for courses after the payment deadline will result in a late charge being assessed and applied to the student’s account overnight. The late charge should be anticipated and included with your payment.

Note: The late charge also applies if a registration payment is returned as non-negotiable and is not replaced before the payment deadline. Late charges are non-refundable.

2022/2023 Late Charges

Per Credit Undergraduates (per billing hour up to a 1.5 billing hours) $23.00 / Term
Full Fee Undergraduate Students (2.0 billing hours or more) $115.00 / Term
Part Time Graduate Students $23.00 / Term
Full-time fee Graduate Students $115.00 / Term