Many parents and guardians of Carleton students want to understand the financial workings of their student’s account; either because they will ultimately make the payments, or because they wish to help their student to make smart financial decisions; however, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) prohibits us from discussing details of your student’s account without their express written permission.

Accordingly, we have designed this page in an effort to provide you with information about our financial policies and procedures that you may find useful.

First and foremost, while we make every effort to communicate with students regarding fees and the current status of their account, the responsibility to monitor and pay their student account rests with the student. Each student is responsible to educate themselves about our policiesdeadlines and to ask questions if they are unsure. Being responsible for their finances is a big step, but an important one for your student – help prepare them to make the transition!

 Common questions: