The rules regarding tuition and education credits have changed as of 2017.  Check your federal and provincial tax guidelines for how to claim the T2202A deduction based on your place of residence at December 31, 2017.

As a student at Carleton University, you may require one or more of the following income tax forms when filing your income tax return each year.

To access your income tax forms, you must make sure you are not using Safari or Microsoft Edge. You will need to use a different browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and ensure your pop-up blockers are disabled. If you are unable to print your income tax forms, please contact

Your income tax forms will relate to a specific calendar year the tuition or award is intended for. For example, the winter term fees may be paid in the 2017 tax year but the T2202A is produced based on when the term begins. This means the winter term tuition will be included on your 2018 T2202A instead of your 2017 T2202A.

Note that Student Accounts is unable to provide tax advice. If you require tax advice or information, please contact a tax professional or visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

With the exception the Housing/Residence receipt, all these tax forms are made available electronically on Carleton Central by the end of February each year.