All fees effective May 1, 2024:

Challenge for Credit

A $262.25 non-refundable charge applies for each challenge for credit. See the Undergraduate Calendar for more information.


Diplomas are distributed at the time of graduation or mailed out following graduation to those students who do not owe money to the University. Students who require a replacement diploma due to loss or damage of their original diploma may order either a display diploma or a replacement diploma by contacting the Registrar’s Office at or by telephone at 613-520-3500. The charge for a display diploma is $145.25 (unframed). The charge for a replacement diploma is $102.00 (unframed).

Examination Charges

  • Distance Examinations: a charge of $102 applies if the examination is to be written off campus but within Canada
  • Distance Examinations: a charge of $183.25 applies if the examination is to be written off campus and outside of Canada
  • Deferred Examinations: a charge of $102 applies if the examination is to be written off campus but within Canada
  • Deferred Examinations: a charge of $183.25 applies if the examination is to be written off campus and outside of Canada
  • Examination charges are non-refundable. For more information, please contact Scheduling and Examination Services. 


An administrative charge of $88.25 per term will be charged to the student’s account.

Letters of Permission

A charge of $48.50 per course (regardless of credit value) will be assessed on each request for a Letter of Permission. See the Undergraduate Calendar for more information.

Replacement of Student Campus Cards

A replacement Campus Card costs $24.00, and a U-Pass costs $25.00 (taxes included). This fee is non-refundable and previously replaced cards cannot be reactivated. Returning students will be required to pay this amount before obtaining a new card at registration in the event the student’s card is not available for validation. The Campus Card remains the property of Carleton University and it may be cancelled or withheld at the discretion of the University.

Returned Payment Charge

A service charge of $42.00 will be assessed for each payment returned to the University as non-negotiable for any reason.

Housing Key Charge

Replacement metal keys require a lock change, which incurs a cost of $100 per key. If you lose a key, please report the loss immediately to the Residence Reception Desk on the 2nd floor of Teraanga Commons building.

  • Key replacement charge: Metal Room/Suite/Pod Keys: $88.50 + HST per key ($100 each)
  • Lockout Assistance charge: Effective January 4, 2021, lockout assistance incurs a $10 fee regardless of key type.

Health and Counseling Service Charge

All services with an accompanying charge must be paid upon your visit to HCS. Outstanding charges will be placed on your university student account.

  • Missed Appointments (fees vary depending on the appointment): $30 – $100
  • Medical Certificates (note from physicians or counsellors): $20
  • Other Form Completion (fees vary depending on the form): $40 – $125
  • Miscellaneous (TB Certificate, Transfer of Medical File, Wart Treatment, Fax Prescription Renewal): $20 – $30

For further clarification, please call Health and Counselling Services at (613) 520-6674

Parking Fine

Carleton University parking and traffic fines must be paid to Parking Services within thirty (30) days, as outlined on the reverse side of the offence. Failure to pay fines may result in the outstanding charges being billed to student accounts in the Business Office (students), and/or submission for collection by Payroll deduction through Human Resources (staff/faculty).

Parking Offence

  • Unauthorized Parking – Private Property Parked in Unauthorized Area: $50
  • Misuse of Parking Pass: $50
  • Park/Obstruct Snow Removal or Service Vehicle: $50
  • Possess/Use Altered Parking Permit: $150
  • Parked in Unauthorized Area (Reserved for Special Permits): $125
  • Parked in Designated Fire Route: $125
  • Parked in Handicap Reserved Area (No Permit): $350
  • Drive on Closed Road or Pathway: $50
  • Administration/Collections Fee: $35
  • Boot Application Fee: $35
  • Unlawfully Remove/Damage Wheel Clamp (Boot) Device: $100+

For further clarification, please contact Parking Services at 613-520-3623, or by email at

Library Fine

Library charges and fines are charged to a patron’s Library account. Charges may be paid at the Library Services Desk during operating hours. For Carleton students, all unpaid charges on their Library account are transferred to their Student Account in December, April and August.

  • For course reserves that are not returned before their due date and time, a fine of 1$/hour late is charged, with a maximum of $30 per item.
  • For items that are recalled, a fine of $4.00 per day late is charged.
  • For items that are lost by a borrower, a replacement charge of $125.00 will be charged.
  • If a patron accumulates over $20.00 in fines and charges, their borrowing privileges will be revoked until all overdue materials are returned and their account is paid.

Unreturned Equipment Charge

Teaching and Learning Services has sourced and acquired equipment for short term loans to instructors to help develop and teach your courses. Equipment is also available to teaching assistants (TAs) who, in their assignment of duties, are required to facilitate problem sessions, discussions and tutorials. Requests for TA equipment must come from the instructor.

Unreturned equipment charge of $25.00 is charged to Student Account. For further clarification, please contact Future Learning Lab at

You will not be able to register for future classes, nor receive a diploma or transcripts until all university charges (e.g. health clinic, parking tickets, library charges, etc.) have been paid in full.