Making Fee Payment

After completing your course selection during a registration period, you will be required to complete tuition payment arrangements in order to finalize your registration. Please see the accepted payment methods.

Payment is NOT accepted on campus.

The best method of payment is through a Canadian bank via an online payment to Carleton University.

Please ensure you have allowed enough time for processing to avoid late charges. Fee payments not received, processed, and posted to students’ accounts by the appropriate scheduled deadline will be considered late and be susceptible to a late charge. In addition, overdue accounts are assessed interest (calculated daily, charged monthly).

Any payment returned as non-negotiable must be replaced before the payment deadlines or the late charge will apply. A service charge will be assessed for each payment returned as non-negotiable for any reason.

Important Tips

  • How to calculate amount to pay
  • Any overdue and outstanding amount owing will accrue interest charges.
  • The assessment of fees is a preliminary estimate only and may be subject to adjustment upon review should it be determined that the assessment given is not correct. Year of standing assessment occurs at the end of January once all final grades are received. This may result in fees being reassessed after the payment due date. Check your Student Account regularly for any changes in fee assessment.
  • Balance owing? Can’t register? You may have a hold. Click here for information.

Internal Scholarships

Provided it is not contrary to the terms of the award, scholarships, bursaries, and awards administered by the University will first be applied to fees. If this funding is sufficient to cover your minimum tuition payable at registration (i.e. the fees for the current term) then your payment arrangements and your registration will be complete. If not, it is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements to cover the remaining balance due by our posted deadlines.

How Carleton Scholarships are Applied To Fees

Scholarships are applied to your fees in two installments, one half the value in mid-August for the Fall term and one half in mid-December for the Winter term. The amounts will be automatically entered as Payment Arrangements in the appropriate terms when you calculate your Amount to Pay.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

If you are receiving funding from OSAP, you will be able to pay after the payment due date if the following conditions are met by April 25 (summer) and/or August 25 (fall/winter):

Deferral Conditions for Ontario Students (OSAP):

  • OSAP status is approved
  • Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) has been received by the National Student Loans Service Centre
  • All supporting documentation has been provided to and processed by the Awards & Financial Aid Office
  • Funding Summary of your OSAP account ( shows funding is scheduled to be released

If all four conditions are met on or before April 25 (summer) and/or August 25 (fall/winter), your tuition fee payment due date will be deferred until after the start of the term so that it aligns with the OSAP disbursement date. This will happen automatically.

Deferral Conditions for Out-of-Province Students:

If you are receiving funding from a Provincial Government Student Aid Program other than Ontario’s, you must contact the Awards Office (613-520-2600 ext 3600, 202 Pigiarvik (ᐱᒋᐊᕐᕕᒃ) (formerly Robertson Hall) before the April 25 (summer) and/or August 25 (fall/winter) payment deadline to request a payment deferral in order to avoid the late payment charge.