This page describes the roles and responsibilities of students, sponsors and Student Accounts, as they relate to the financial transactions arising from registration and other student activities.


  • Ensure all amounts charged to student account are paid in a timely manner and before the published deadlines.
  • Check your student account balance regularly for new or updated charges and payments.
  • Be aware of the dates and deadlines regarding financial withdrawal dates – they are different from academic withdrawal dates!
  • Notify Student Accounts if you believe your account to contain an error.


  • Notify Carleton University – Student Accounts when you wish to sponsor a student or make changes to an existing sponsorship.
  • Provide a clear and concise description of the details of the sponsorship agreement to Student Accounts.

Student Accounts:

  • Protect students’ personal and financial information in accordance with FIPPA.
  • Ensure tuition fees applied to account accurately reflect registration status.
  • Invoice on behalf of students for third party sponsorship agreements.
  • Apply third party funding, including OSAP and other provincial loans, scholarships and bursaries, tuition waivers and sponsorship payments in a timely manner to the student account.
  • Following University policies, apply late payment/late registration fees and Interest charges on outstanding balances and apply financial holds for delinquent accounts.
  • Provide support to students and their families and/or sponsors to understand University financial regulations and policies and their implications.