Get ready! Get started!

You’re almost there. Now that you are a Carleton University student you just have a few things left to do before you begin your classes. This checklist will help you get ready. So get started.

Download a printable .pdf version of this checklist and check off items as you complete them!
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1. Know Your Student Number

You can’t register without it. Check your admission package, emailed to you by Admissions Services, for the nine digit number that begins with ‘100’ or ‘101.’

2. Setup Your MyCarletonOne Account and Carleton Email

Before registration begins, set up your MyCarletonOne account, which gives you access to all of Carleton’s IT services and applications, including your Carleton email.

3. Submit Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

The Canada Revenue Agency requires Carleton University to report all eligible tuition fees. To prepare your T4A and/or T2202 tax slips, your SIN is required. You can submit this information securely via Carleton Central.

4. View a Registration Information Session

Visit the Registration website to view an online registration information session. The webinar will help you in planning and building your schedule to ensure a successful registration.

5. Read Your First Year Course Selection Guide

This guide lists all the courses you need to take in your first year and gives you the basics about your program.

6. Build Your Timetable

Planning your course selection is an important step required to ensure a successful registration.  The timetable tool will allow you to search the class schedule, add and remove courses, and resolve conflicts prior to registration. For more information, visit the registration site.

7. Ask for Help if You Need It

If you have questions, we invite you to contact our Student Registration Assistance Team. They can help you with making your first year course selections, navigating Carleton Central or any other registration questions you may have.

8. Register According to Your Time-Ticket

Your time-ticket indicates when you can begin to access the registration system. Although you can continue to finalize your registration any time after your time-ticket opens, you are strongly encouraged to complete your registration as soon as your time-ticket begins.

9. Pay Your Tuition Fees

For fee payment information, instructions and deadlines refer to the Student Accounts website.

10. Submit Your Request for a VOSS

If you require an official Verification of Student Status (VOSS) in order to access your Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) funds, you can request the letter through Carleton Central by selecting ‘Request a Transcript/Certificate of Enrolment/Verification of Student Status’ from the main menu. Make sure your registration is complete before requesting your VOSS.

11. Keep Track of Deadlines

Pay special attention to academic deadlines as well as all deadlines that apply to registration and fee payment. Visit the registration site for a complete list of important dates and deadlines.

12. Know the Rules

To have success at the university level, it is crucial that you understand and follow the regulations that apply to your program. CU Know-How is a brief guide that highlights all you need to know.

13. Get Your Campus Card

Once your registration is complete (step 8) you must apply online for your Campus Card. The Campus Card gives you access to athletics, the library, residence meal plans, and more. Eligible students will also receive their transit pass (U-Pass) at the same time.

14. Register with PMC

The Paul Menton Centre is responsible for the coordination of academic accommodations and support services for students with disabilities. If you require accomodations, contact the PMC.

15. Sign up for Orientation

Orientation is your chance to interact with other students, faculty, and staff in both structured information sessions and small informal groups. Be sure to register for your orientation session online.

16. Pathways to Graduation

Pathways to Graduation is designed to help guide you along a path to graduation that is right for you. Explore your current phase, and let the success pillars guide you toward graduation.

17. Find Out About Our Services

We have services to help you from the time you arrive on campus to the time you graduate. You can view our selection of services online or you can use our online services directory to find what you need.

18. Update Your Personal Information

Take the time to make sure you have entered your most current address, phone number and emergency contacts in Carleton Central.

19. Follow us on Social Media

Stay on top of all the latest student information by following Carleton on Twitter @Carleton_U, Facebook, and Instagram @carleton_U. Also, make sure you download our mobile app.

Registration Contacts

Student Registration Assistance

May 24 to September 17, 2019
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Tory Building, 3rd floor (main lobby)
Tel: 613-520-3500

Registrar’s Office

300 Tory Building
Tel: 613-520-3500
Fax: 613-520-4410