Please note: Compulsory miscellaneous fees included in all quoted fees

Per Credit Domestic Undergraduate Status

All Year Standing

 (Single term, per-credit assignment)  1.0 Billing Hour
 Bachelor of Architectural Studies 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Arts 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Cognitive Science 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Commerce 6,927.86
 Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Computer Science 6,885.09
 Bachelor of Economics 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Engineering 6,899.36
 Bachelor of Global and International Studies 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Health Sciences 6,885.09
 Bachelor of Humanities 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Industrial Design 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Information Technology 6,882.86
 Bachelor of International Business 6,927.86
 Bachelor of Journalism 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Media Production and Design 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Mathematics 6,885.09
 Bachelor of Music 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management 6,882.86
 Bachelor of Science 6,885.09
 Bachelor of Social Work 6,882.86
 Certificates 6,882.86
 Diploma Accounting Post-Bac 6,927.86
 Diploma Cognitive Science Post-Bac 6,882.86
 Diploma Economics Post-Bac 6,882.86
 Diploma Film Studies Post-Bac 6,882.86
 Diploma Women and Gender Post-Bac 6,882.86
 Special (non-degree) Students 6,882.86
 Seniors 1,547.86
 Co-Op Program fee (per term) 395.50

The University reserves the right to change fees and refund policies without notice. Please take a moment to review the tuition fee notes. Your actual tuition fees may vary and are subject to change. Your specific situation and charges may vary. Please use this as a guideline and review your student account, Calculate Amount to Pay page during your registration process.

What is a billing hour?

For undergraduate students, the billing hours for a particular course are usually equal to the academic credit value for the course. Some exceptions include thesis/research work and certain intensive language courses. To see a summary of your billing and academic credit values, view the Add/Drop page on Carleton Central.

How do I calculate my fees?

If you know the number of billing hours you plan to take, use the appropriate amount above and multiply it by the number of billing hours. Remember that the amount quoted above is for 1.0 billing hours. Once you are registered, you can select ‘Calculate Amount to Pay’ on Carleton Central to view your total account balance.

Co-op Fees

Undergraduate students in the co-op stream of their academic program will pay a co-op program fee. For additional information, please contact the Co-operative Education Program.

Miscellaneous Fees

Included in the amounts quoted above are the following miscellaneous fees. Carleton University uses a portion of every student’s fees, as approved by the Board of Governors, to support services on campus. Fees for campus services are not use-based. Students are not eligible for a refund if they do not use one or more of the campus services. The limited exceptions to this rule are noted on the main fee page.

Fee Amount
Athletics 43.23
Health and Counselling Fee 14.54
University Centre 11.03
Omnibus 8.8
Cdn Fed of Students (CAN & ON) 3.52
Student Opportunities & Spaces 3.02
CKCU FM 93.1 3.02
Student Life & Success Program 2.86
Career Development Fee 2.24
Health & Mental Wellness 1.6
OPIRG 1.57
Clubs and Societies 1.51
CUSA Accessible Building Fund 1.25
Millennium Village Fee 1.2
Charlatan 1.22
Carleton Legal Project 0.9
Ombudsperson 0.78
Sexual Violence Prevention 0.68
CUSERT/ Emergency Response Team 0.56
Foot Patrol 0.55
Academic Support Peer Tutoring 0.52
WUSC 0.52
Garden Spot 0.5
World Food Program 0.46
CUSA Bursary Fund 0.4
CASG 0.25
Debating Society 0.2
Sock n’ Buskin 0.19
Interval House 0.13
Business Students Society/ Comm Society 9 BIB, Commerce Only
Sprott Career Levy Fee 36 BIB, Commerce Only
Engineering Society 7.6 Engineering Only
Engineers Without Borders 0.4 Engineering Only
CUESEF Engineering Society 8.5 Engineering Only
Science Student Society 2.23 Science Only
UPASS Card SU 218.03
UPASS Admin SU 4.58
UHIP* 252

*Note that this is amount is only charged if the full UHIP amount was not included in a student’s previous fall term registration

Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees
Per Credit Domestic Undergraduate Status
(Single term, per-credit assignment) – without UHIP charge

Program  Total
BIB, Commerce 404.25
Engineering 375.75
Computer Science, Health Science, Mathematics, Science 361.48
All Other Programs (including senior citizens) 359.73