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Wanted: Truth-seekers, change-makers and storytellers for the digital age

Information is the lifeblood of the modern world, the connector of communities. Journalists add the context. They are masters of the written word — printed, posted or tweeted. They give voice to the most compelling stories of our time. They capture and create powerful images — videos, photos, graphic visualizations — that bring issues and ideas to life.

Whether your goal is to cover the news, shape public policy, promote worthy causes or generate buzz about the Next Big Thing, a Carleton journalism education is the perfect path to any career in truth-seeking, change-making or storytelling.

A Rich History and a Bright Future

Carleton’s journalism program is the oldest in the country. The first and the best.

It remains Canada’s top training ground for reporters and other communication professionals.

Why Study Here? 

Master of Journalism Students cover American Election


America Votes 2016 is a multimedia project to document election day in parts of St. Lawrence County, in upstate New York.

The journalists are all students in a reporting skills class in their first year of the Master of Journalism program at Carleton University, in Ottawa.

This group of 19 young journalists is fanning out across the county to capture and share some of the events – at the local level – in this historic election. You can follow their reporting on Nov. 8 at


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