Use the below form, Part I: Application to apply for a BIOL4907 or BIOL4908 academic Supervisor.

Nb. this form is not required for BIOL4905. 

Nb. once submitted, each Faculty/ Adjunct Professor you list will receive a copy of your application to aid their evaluation of your application. You will then be notified by the Biology Dept. whether your application is successful or not. 

  • If successful, please contact your Supervisor to discuss course details within a week or two as the Part II Agreement form needs to be submitted.
  • If not successful, consider reviewing the updated Faculty/ Adjunct Professors list for those members still available – and then reapply; or consider enrolling into BIOL4905 instead.

Application for a 4th Year Honours Academic Supervisor

  • Step 1. Student Information

  • Step 2. Faculty / Adjunct Professor Selection

    Identify your top-3 Faculty/ Adjunct Professors you are applying to, which BIOL capstone course you are applying for, which term(s) you wish to enrol within, and starting which year.
  • Indicate up to 3 preferred supervisors. Use the + button on the right side of the row to add additional rows. The more faculty and adjunct professors you list as preferred, the more will see your application and the greater the chance that you will find a supervisor.
    Name (no prefix)Email 
  • (refer to course prerequisites
  • Step 3. Relevant Transcript Grades

    In the space below identify recent courses you have completed (with grades) and currently enrolled courses that relate to your capstone interests.
  • Please indicate your current GPA.
  • Course CodeGrade or Enrolled 
  • Step 4. Statement of Academic Interest

    In the space below describe your academic interests as these relate to your capstone course, and what skills/goals you hope to achieve by the course’s end.
  • Note that each of the Faculty/ Adjunct Professors you identified above will receive a copy of this statement. Consider writing 3 separate paragraphs in the 3 separate form boxes, addressed to each of your choice supervisors.
  • Step 5. Other skills?

    In the space below identify skill sets you have that may be applicable to your capstone course. Consider for example, certifications such as First Aid/CPR, WHIMS, boat licence, electrofishing, centrifuge, … … …
  • Step 6. Other Information

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