Photo of Jean-Sebastien Parent

Jean-Sebastien Parent

Adjunct Professor

Degrees:B.Sc. in biochemistry (Université de Montréal), Ph.D. in biochemistry (Université de Montréal)
Office:Ottawa Research and Development Center, 960 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario

Current Research

Our group studies the reproductive development of different plants and how it affects agriculture. We are particularly interested in the epigenetic control (small RNA, DNA methylation, etc.) of gamete formation, fertility and seed development. For this, we use cutting-edge techniques in microscopy, next-generation sequencing and gene editing on plants like canola, soybean, camelina and others.

Selected Publications

  1. Turcotte, J. Hooker, B. Samanfar, J.-S. Parent, Can Epigenetics Guide the Production of Better Adapted Cultivars? Agronomy, 12(4) (2022).

J.-S. Parent, J. Cahn, R. P. Herridge, D. Grimanelli, R. A. Martienssen, Small RNAs guide histone methylation in Arabidopsis embryos. Genes Dev., 35(11-12): 841–846 (2021).

C. Lee, E. Ernst, B. Berube, F. Borges, J.-S. Parent, P. Ledon, A. Schorn, R. A. Martienssen, Arabidopsis retrotransposon virus-like particles and their regulation by epigenetically activated small RNA . Genome Res., 30(4): 576–588 (2020).

J.-S. Parent, F. Borges, A. Shimada, R. A. Martienssen, Small RNA Function in Plants : From Chromatin to the Next Generation. Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. LXXXIV: 133-140 (2019).

Borges, J.-S. Parent, F. van Ex, P. Wolff, G. Martínez, C. Köhler, R. A. Martienssen, Transposon-derived small RNAs triggered by miR845 mediate genome dosage response in Arabidopsis. Nat. Genet. 50(2): 186–192 (2018).

J.-S. Parent, N. Bouteiller, T. Elmayan, H. Vaucheret, Respective contributions of Arabidopsis DCL2 and DCL4 to RNA silencing. Plant J. 81(2): 223–232 (2015).