The Tracking (In)Justice Research Project is a Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Data and Transparency Project. Leading this project is the ICCJ’s own, Dr. Alexander  McClelland, as the Principal Investigator. The database, which became available yesterday, includes data on the deaths that followed from any intentional police use of force, including shootings and instances where a person died after being subjected to other types of weapons (e.g., tasers, batons) or physical interventions (e.g., punches, kicks, physical holds). The project’s goal is to document all deaths that occur during police operations, as well as all deaths that occur in Canada’s jails, prisons, immigration detention, or forensic psychiatry centres.

To learn more about the Research Project and to explore the data, please click here.

Please see below to read some of the news articles that have recently been released where Dr. McClelland features to discuss the work that the Tracking (In)Justice Research Project has been doing:

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