Photo of Michel Demers

Michel Demers

Associate Professor

Degrees:B.A., M.A. (McGill), M.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3772
Office:B-855 Loeb

Languages spoken other than English: French

Research fields: macroeconomics, investment theory and finance, economic development and growth

• irreversible investment
• the impact of uncertainty on investment and financial decisions
• insurance and risk analysis
• growth, structural adjustment, and policy uncertainty

Refereed Publications in the Last 6 Years:

Most Significant Career Research Contributions:

“Political Risk and Irreversible Investment” (with Sumru G. Altuğ and Fanny S. Demers), CESifo Economic Studies, Volume 53, Number 3, September 2007, Pages 430–465.

“Investment Dynamics” (with Sumru G. Altuğ and Fanny S. Demers), Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis: Theory and Policy in General Equilibrium, ed. Sumru G. Altuğ, Jagjit S. Chadha, and Charles Nolan, Cambridge University Press, 2003, Chapter 2, Pages 34–154.

“Cost Uncertainty, Taxation, and Irreversible Investment” (with Sumru G. Altuğ and Fanny S. Demers), Current Trends in Economics: Theory and Applications, ed. Ahmet Alkan, Charalambos D. Aliprantis, and Nicholas C. Yannelis, Springer, 1999, Pages 41–72.

“Investment under Uncertainty, Irreversibility and the Arrival of Information Over Time,” Review of Economic Studies, Volume 58, Number 2, April 1991, Pages 333–350.

“A Privately Revealing Rational Expectations Equilibrium for the Futures Market” (with Fanny S. Demers), European Economic Review, Volume 33, Number 4, April 1989, Pages 663–685 (lead article).