Photo of J. Stephen Ferris

J. Stephen Ferris

Distinguished Research Professor

Degrees:B.Com., M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (UCLA)

Research fields: coordination problems in macroeconomic and microeconomic theory

• interaction of economic and political processes
• government size
• fiscal policy

Selected publications:

Political Competition and the Study of Public Economics. 2022 Cambridge University Press with Stanley L. Winer.

“Between election rivalry and the agency costs of government: the effectiveness of party competition across Indian States, 1957 – 2018” (with Bharatee Dash) Public Finance Review (online 2023).

“Inequality, Transaction Costs and Voter Turnout:  evidence from Canadian Provinces and Indian States” (with Bharatee Dash and Marcel Voia) Public Choice (2023) Vol 194 Issue 3-4, pp. 325-346.

“Do Rival Political Parties Enforce Government Efficiency? Evidence from Canada, 1867 – 2021” (with Marcel Voia) European Journal of Political Economy” (2023) Vol. 77 Issue 2, pp. xx.

“Does a Swing Voter Model with Voter Turnout reflect the closeness of Indian State Elections: 1957 – 2018?” (with Bharatee Dash) Applied Economics (2023) Vol 55, No. 6, pp.594-602.

“On the Structure of the Political Party System in Indian States, 1957-2018” (with Bharatee Dash) Constitutional Political Economy (2023) Vol 34. Issue 1, pp., 1-25.

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