Photo of Raúl Razo-Garcia

Raúl Razo-Garcia

Associate Professor

Degrees:B.A. (ITESM), M.A. (El Colegio de México), M.A., Ph.D. (California at Berkeley)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1560
Office:A-804 Loeb

Languages spoken other than English: Spanish

Research fields: international macroeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics

• exchange rate regimes
• exchange rates and international financial crises
• monetary policy
• dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models
• financial account liberalization

Refereed Publications in the Last 6 Years:

“Speculative Attacks in a Two-Peg Model,” (with Carlos F. Lopez-Suarez), Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 70 (February 2017), pp. 234–256.

Most Significant Career Research Contributions:

“How Reliable Are De Facto Exchange Rate Regime Classifications?” (with Barry J. Eichengreen), International Journal of Finance & Economics, Vol. 18, No. 3 (July 2013), pp. 216–239.

“Reserves, Quotas and the Demand for International Liquidity” (with Joseph P. Joyce), Review of International Organizations, Vol. 6, Nos. 3–4 (September 2011), pp. 393–413.

“Estimating the Effect of Exchange Rate Flexibility on Financial Account Openness,” Advances in Econometrics, Vol. 26: Maximum Simulated Likelihood Methods and Applications, ed. William Greene and R. Carter Hill, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, December 2010, pp. 199–251.

“The International Monetary System in the Last and Next 20 Years” (with Barry J. Eichengreen), Economic Policy, Vol. 21, No. 47 (July 2006), pp. 393–442.