The Department will continue to offer a three-year undergraduate Economics degree program, the Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.), but entry into this program will be restricted to current Carleton students via internal transfers.

The B.Econ. is a 15.0 credit program, designed for students who wish to obtain a solid grounding in Economics at the university-level, but who at the same time prefer to pursue a somewhat abbreviated, less theoretical and less mathematical program than the B.Econ. Honours.

The 3.5-credit core of the B.Econ. program is essentially the B.Econ. Honours core up to its second-half, 2000-level requirements (i.e., excluding ECON 2030, ECON 2103, ECON 2220, and higher-level courses). An additional 3.5 credits in Economics electives (which may include some of the courses in the balance of the B.Econ. Honours core) is also required. Electives not in Economics together with free electives make up the rest of the B.Econ program for a total of 15.0 credits.

Students should be clear on their educational objectives before requesting internal transfer into this program. An Honours degree (or equivalent) is normally requirement for students wishing to pursue an M.A. in Economics or a graduate program in other disciplines.