The B.Econ. Honours Concentration in Computational Analysis provides students with a broad foundation in Computer Science which in combination with Economics training equips students with highly marketable skills. The ability to effectively interact with artificial intelligence as well as conduct advanced computer-aided analysis are essential skills for succeeding in the digital era marketplace.

The B.Econ. Honours Concentration in Computational Analysis is normally completed during all four years of full-time study. The concentration-specific courses are entirely drawn from the field of Computer Science and upon graduation students will have completed a substantial part of the major in Computer Science within the B.Econ. Honours program. This combination of training in economic analysis with advanced knowledge of computing and data analysis is well-suited for professions in consulting, financial sector, and research and development (e.g., government think-tanks).

Students looking to gain additional training in data analysis may choose to combine the B.Econ Honours Concentration in Computational Analysis with the B.Econ Honours Concentration in Economic Data Science, the combination of which will provide students with a strong and broad set of skills generally sought by the employers.

Recommended Course Pattern

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Fall Winter Fall Winter Fall Winter Fall Winter
COMP 1005 COMP 1006 COMP 2401
COMP 1805 * COMP 2402 1.0 credit from: COMP 2404COMP 3005, COMP 4111, COMP 4003, COMP 3804, COMP 3803, COMP 3801
COMP 2804
Concentration and (non-concentration) elective courses may be re-distributed to some extent across years. As a general rule, students should schedule concentration courses first and elective courses second for a given year.


*  COMP 1805 is not required if precluded course MATH 1800 is required by another component of the student’s program, such as the Concentration in Mathematics and Quantitative Economics, in which case an additional 0.5 credit in COMP is required from the list of electives under “Year 4” of the table above.

  Instead of COMP 1005, students may take COMP 1405.

  Instead of COMP 1006, students may take COMP 1406.