EURUS Student attends High North Dialogue

An Arctic Adventure

A journey to the Arctic in April doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it certainly appeals to first year Master’s Candidate Aaron Taylor. As part of his major research project, Taylor took part in this year’s High North Dialogue in Bodø, Norway. In addition to the conference Taylor also attended Master’s courses offered by the University of Nordland.

High North Dialogue 2017

Bodø, the second largest city in the Norwegian Arctic.

The High North Dialogue conference series was founded as a way to bring together together Arctic Leaders – present and future – to discuss the dimensions of the changes taking place in the Arctic. Set in Bodø – the second largest community in North Norway and gateway to Lofoten Islands – High North Dialogue 2017 focused on Innovations in the Arctic. 

After the Journey

High North Dialogue 2017

Returning form Norway, Taylor is excited to be working on an advocacy paper highlighting the need for a comprehensive series of  youth engagement programs across the Arctic region. Collaborating with colleagues from Norway, Russia, and the United States, Taylor is hopeful that the takeaway from this year’s High North Dialogue might inspire change for other Circumpolar Youth.

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