EURUS has the pleasure of announcing the release of a new book: Soviet Influences on Postwar Yugoslav Gender Policies.

This book explores Soviet influences on Yugoslav gender policies, examining how Yugoslav communists interpreted, adapted and used Soviet ideas to change Yugoslav society. The book sheds new light on the role of Soviet models in producing Yugoslav family and reproductive laws, and in framing the understandings of gender which affected key policies such as the collectivisation of agriculture, labour policies, policies towards Muslim populations, and policies concerning youth sexuality.

Further information about the book is available on the publisher’s website.

About the author: Dr. Ivan Simić has joined EURUS from the University of Calgary. He has earned his PhD at University College London in the UK as a FBB Trust and SSEES Foundation scholar, and MA at the University of Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. He has taught courses at UCL and Goldsmiths, and has finished a research fellowship at Yale University.