On Monday, March 4, 2019 four members of the Talent Mobility for Innovation transnational research initiative presented their research profiles at the Faculty of Public Affairs Emerging Perspectives Conference.  Bridget Healy (MA EURUS, 2020), Andreas Tibbles (MA NPSIA, 2019), Alex Dauncey-Elwood (MA Political Science, 2019), and Jennifer Lee (MA NPSIA, 2019) presented four (4) profiles on differing migration regimes for the highly-skilled.

Presenting together, their independent studies compared and contrasted migration regimes for the highly skilled across two localities (British Columbia in Canada; the city of Shanghai in China), as well as two countries (Denmark; Israel). This allowed for the authors to discuss not only the major STEM innovation clusters, but also to discuss the responses from semi-structured interviews gathered in each area.

The comparison allowed for novel similarities and contrasts in approach to managed migration, highlighting each location’s specific needs and unique approaches to the ‘global race for talent’.

For more information regarding support for research and findings, including full reports on each profile, please visit Talent Mobility for Innovation at www.migrationforinnovation.info/outcomes .

(from left to right) Jennifer Lee, Bridget Healy, Andreas Tibbles and Alex Dauncey-Elwood presenting their findings.