From Canada’s Capital to the Eternal City

Giovanna - P1130791

I love to travel and expose myself to different cultures and perspectives, so when deciding which Master’s to pursue, the flexibility and assistance of EURUS with respect to research abroad was a major reason I decided to join the Institute. After my first year with EURUS, I headed to Rome for the Programma Ponte study program.* To name a few examples, we had a private Q&A session with a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies; met Italy’s Minister of Defence and a former Prime Minister; went to the Representation of the EU Commission in Italy; met with NATO representatives; attended a workshop at one of Italy’s largest syndicates; visited the national Ministry of Trade; and attended lectures on immigration and agriculture at the Holy See. With the help of Carleton’s Centre for European Studies (CES), I then started an exchange at the University of LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, where I am currently attending classes that compliment my research thesis. In sum, my experience abroad has given me invaluable and pragmatic experiences for my research, career, and personal growth. This year is a remarkable privilege that would not have been possible with any other program, and for this, I am truly happy to have chosen EURUS.

*The Programma Ponte study program was offered through Carleton’s School of Linguistics and Language Studies, and made possible through the Association of Italian American Educators (AIAE) and the Collegio Universitario Lamaro Pozzani. For more information, please contact Dr. Cristina Trevisan ( or Giovanna Roma (