An entire two months into my two-semester exchange to St. Petersburg and I’m still having a hard time putting a label on this city. The depth of its history and the charm of its culture are enchanting, just like its picturesque, Euro-inspired scenery. The canals, the architecture and the metropolitan feel distinguish this Russian city as its cultural capital. I am lucky to include myself on the list of local enthusiasts who so dearly embrace this city’s charms and its vast heritage. It’s a curious opportunity to be a participant observer and experience the depth and the breadths of Russia’s rich history, and culture firsthand. Attending master’s level, Russian-taught courses has been both challenging and rewarding. It’s an incredible insight into the Russian mentality and customs. As with any exchange, living abroad for an extended period of time challenges your perceptions, principles and priorities. It gives you a whole other set of lenses to look at the world through. Integrating into Russia’s vibrant lifestyle is a fascinating experience and surely not one I’ll ever forget. I’m grateful for this opportunity, the Magna Fund for the Russian Studies, as well as the support and inspiration of everyone at EURUS.