CU Sustainable Office Program

With more than 50 buildings and over 2,000 full-time faculty and staff, Carleton recognizes the important role that faculty and staff play in making Carleton a leader in sustainability.

Through Carleton’s updated Sustainable Office Program, which is a voluntary, self-guided program designed for faculty and staff to take the lead on promoting sustainable practices in the workplace, faculty and staff can identify opportunities for innovation and implement sustainable change.

They can reduce their environmental footprint, be responsible stewards of university’s resources, contribute to Carleton’s sustainability goals and commitments, and build a greener and ever more sustainable campus community.

How do I get my Office certified?

Step 1: Registration

Review the short presentation CU Sustainable Office Program and then complete the Registration Form. Once your registration is submitted, a member of the Sustainable Office team will contact you.

Step 2: Baseline Survey

Complete the baseline survey.  A member of the Sustainable Office Program team will email you the baseline survey form for you to complete.  You can view a PDF version of the baseline survey (see below) before you begin.

Step 3: Meeting

Meet with the Office of Energy and Sustainability’s Sustainable Office Program team to go over your baseline survey, discuss office improvements, and determine next steps.

Step 4: Checklist of Actions

Complete the checklist of actions.  A member of the Sustainable Office Program team will email you the checklist of actions form for you to complete. You can view a PDF version of the checklist of actions (see below) before you begin.

Step 5: Share your Success

Once your completed checklist of actions form has been reviewed and your certification level confirmed, celebrate your success and share your news with our community.


(pdf version)


(pdf version)

What are the certification levels?

Depending on the number of action items your office is able to complete on the Checklist Survey, your office will receive Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Sustainable Office Program certification!

Bronze – Completion of 25 actions or more

Silver – Completion of 50 actions or more

Gold – Completion of 75 actions or more

Platinum – Completion of 100 actions or more

Previously certified Offices

Environmental Science, Integrated Science Institute and TSES – August 2015 (Gold)

Congratulations to Michelle Santoianni of the Institute of Environmental Science, Integrated Science Institute and TSES. Michelle was the recipient of a gold rating certification, demonstrating key commitment and progress against a number of sustainability actions.


Paul Menton Centre – August 2015 (Silver), August 2016 (Gold)

Jason Goveas and colleagues from the Paul Menton Centre receiving their Gold Certification. Jason and his team showed great ongoing commitment and worked on progressing their rating going from a Silver rating to Gold within just a year!

Housing and Residence Life Services – August 2016 (Bronze)

Eco Rep Laurie Shea and her colleagues in Housing and Residence Life are already involved in a number of Sustainability activities aimed at engaging residence in a greener life. They have now taken this one step further and have made great progress in becoming a Green workplace. Actions such as a commitment to bike sharing and video conferencing over car travel, and a workplace clean out day helped achieve a bronze rating.

Res life