School of Industrial Design Awards 2021

George Lynn Memorial Scholarship
Awarded annually on the recommendation of a jury appointed by the Director of the School of Industrial Design, for excellence in the design of medical equipment. Donors: The friends and family of the late George A. Lynn. Professor Lynn was a well known Canadian industrial designer who, as one of the first Professors of Industrial Design, was a member of the faculty from 1975 until his untimely death in 1983.
Sash Mahara (3rd) Core a portable heart monitor that allows patients to track their vitals outside their homes or medical facilities, system is connected to your mobile device and allows for data to be stored and sent to medical professionals. Core features are a wireless cuff, foldable flat pack and simple wireless charging
An Pham ‘Visit Care’ is a service that supports visitation in long term care homes in a world during and post COVID-19. It offers a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for people to spend time with their loved ones. The service includes a booking system for both the homes and the visitors, suggestions to create a safe environment for visitation and “pods” that can be easily set up and cleaned to be placed within the nursing homes.
Hannah Jolley A wearable monitoring system for health and wellness professionals to gain deeper insights into the daily living habits of post-secondary students in order to support health diagnostics and provide for more appropriate lifestyle recommendations tailored to each person’s unique needs.
Diren Naidoo (3rd) A blood pressure monitor designed for patients with early stage neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers or Parkinsons. The device has been designed with a simplified and easily visible user interface as well as a cylindrical pressure cuff that easily slides onto the user’s arm requiring low force and minimal precision dexterity from the user. These design affordances encourage user participation in their own health monitoring regime.
Purvins Memorial Award
Awarded annually, when merited, on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Industrial Design to a full-time student proceeding from one year to another in the Industrial Design program.  Selection of the recipient will be based on creative applications of materials and technologies in industrial design projects. Donor: The family of the late Laimons Purvins who was a technician in the School of industrial Design.
Thomas Omura (3rd) Keen interest in casting wood and silicon materials together successfully creating a high quality fully functional model of a toy for a course project.
Michael Elmarson Memorial Award
Awarded annually, when merited, on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Industrial Design, to a student in the Industrial Design program who has demonstrated an outstanding environmental awareness in an undergraduate industrial design project. Established by students and staff in memory of Michael Elmarson, a Carleton Industrial Design student.
Ben Koskowich “Northern Tutchone Food System” a community-based food packaging, distribution and cultural sharing system, is a platform for improving food sovereignty in Mayo, Yukon.
The hemp based packaging systems that allows for community manufacturing and provides a method for local gathers and producers to distribute their traditional foods and products to a broader community always considering the life cycle of the products, manufacturing and packaging, identify the unique brand of the community and creating self sufficiency for the residence.
Mijung Choi ‘Compact Personal Disinfectant’ is a reusable disinfection product that replaces single use disinfectant wipes which have been identified as a high source of waste and landfill disposal during the pandemic. Due to the spread of COVID-19, museum and exhibition visitors are avoiding visits due to the high-touch nature of exhibition spaces, especially science, technology and children’s museums. This project aims to solve this problem by designing a hand-held, storable product that will disinfect high-touch surfaces or objects in museums as well as general use (grocery stores, retail, schools).
Emily Gray Green House Growing System” is a cross-cultural collaboration and codesign system for Na-cho Nyak Dun (NND) First Nations community in Mayo, Yukon.  The system is designed to respect the first nations’ values and concerns for the land. The food system has been designed to solve the issues around Food Security within remote communities, through the design of an Aeroponics system that increases self-reliance, minimizes environmental impact, and can be assembled and maintained; producing nutritional produce within the community.
Marc C. Gauthier Award in Innovative Technologies
Awarded annually, when merited, to a student in the graduating class of the Bachelor of Industrial Design program at Carleton University on the recommendation of a jury appointed by the Director of the School of Industrial Design.  Selection of the recipient will be based on the innovative use of technology in the design of the fourth-year major project.  Endowed by the Gauthier family in 2003 in memory of their son and brother Marc Christian Gauthier (BID/98).
Justin Low A remote-controlled robotic system that supports the advancement of scientific research in zero-gravity conditions aboard the International Space Station (ISS) by improving the operational process of various projects and the overall experience for third-party partners.
Jessica Lee A remote work communication system that utilizes calm technology to deliver notifications in a way that improves the quality of conversations while allowing workers to maintain focus and overall productivity.
Claire Evans Flock’ is a service and product design concept to support infection prevention and control during the air travel journey. The design of this system is aimed at cohorting passengers in the airport and aircraft through multi-modal and accessible communication. The intent is to more effectively manage passengers during infectious outbreaks and increase passenger confidence in infection prevention and control measures.
Gilles Memorial Award for ‘Form Giving’ 
Awarded annually to a student graduating from the School of Industrial Design who has appropriately demonstrated the elements of good ‘Form-Giving’ in their Major Studio project.  The recipient will be selected by the Director of the School of Industrial Design.  Established in 2003 by Brian Burns in Memory of Willem (Wim) Gilles, founder of the School of Industrial Design.
Sofia Tapia Buchelli ‘Cohesion’ is an outdoor, shared museum experience that can be brought to communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. It extends from an investigation into how we may bring people together safely at a time when they are being told to stay apart. The structure allows for easy installation and adaptability, and the experience showcases community-generated content and fosters engagement through touch-less interaction.
Mina Morcos “Configurable Lighting System for Inuit Housing” investigates a unique way of life for the Inuit in the Arctic light cycles. The northern housing crisis has lead to overcrowded, joint households that with economic limitations and high energy costs. This lighting system incorporated in the existing structure allows the residence of the home to configure light and the system to meet to the needs of the multigenerational family.
Allan Buchanan Scholarships 
Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Dean of Engineering & Design, to outstanding students proceeding from one year to another in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism and the School of Industrial Design.  Endowed in 2005 by the family of Allan Raymond Buchanan in loving memory of his strengths as husband, father and grandfather, as well as in recognition of his contributions to the Ottawa community as a professional engineer, entrepreneur (co-founder of Lumonics Inc.), innovator, life-long learner, informal “educator” and concerned Canadian citizen.
Alesya Moshchenskaya (2nd)  Awarded for her academic excellence.
Professor’s Book Award – Tim Haats
Liana Meere StepOne’ is a service design that aims to help new retirees discover different physical activities that they enjoy and that suit their lifestyles through a loaning and consultation platform.
Rodney Wright A convertible desk for remote workers that addresses work-from-home challenges related to dense, shared living spaces and overworking.
Professor’s Book Award – Stephen Field
Connor Prichard Community Tool Library Facility and  Inventory system for the Unique sharing culture of Igloolik Nanuvut, encouraging the do-it-yourself repair and making of the Inuit.
Marek Chopra Improving Indoor Air Quality in Arctic  Inuit Housing,  a system that empowers the users to maintain their home air quality and energy efficiency of their homes respecting the cultural and habits of the Inuit.
Professor’s Book Award – Chantal Trudel
Mandy Hui Integrating a mobile application and redesigned passenger care kit, ‘Fly Safe’ is a design system that helps manage passenger expectations and reinforce positive behaviours in air travel during COVID-19. The interoperable app makes it easier for people to monitor travel restrictions while communicating information about aircraft and airport procedures. When implemented with complimentary care kits on board, the app guides passengers through best health practices and new mealtime procedures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in-flight.
Gabriella Schnarr ‘Restossured’ is a toolkit to help restaurateurs understand and apply government policy regarding COVID-19 precautions. It is a one-stop-shop, offering ideas to improve safety and customer confidence as well as providing resources to clearly communicate these changes to customers. Restossured is a tool to help restaurateurs encourage customers to return to dining out and feed the struggling restaurant industry.