Under the supervision of Chantal Trudel and working with leading Canadian researchers and practitioners in medicine, health sciences, engineering, human factors, museums/exhibits, and hospitality students developed designs to support people through COVID-19 and potential future scenarios. Thank you to our wonderful collaborators: Dr. Bruce Wallace, Dr. Frank Knoefel, Karen di Libero, Laura Ault, Dr. Amy Hsu (Bruyère Research Institute); Zsofia Orosz, Natalie Spence (Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care); Steven Crawford (McCormick Care Group); Dr. Matthew Menard (Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital); Dr. Shelley Kelsey, Caidence Paleske (National Research Council Centre for Air Travel Research); Fatima Finnegan (Director, Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association); Lisa LeBlanc, Sylvaine Champagne, Carolyn Holland, (Ingenium Canada Science and Technology Museum); Carla Ayukawa (Carleton University, Evolution Professional Design Consultants); Stewart Bailey (Carleton University, Intu Design); Samantha Lovelace (Service Canada, UX/CX Design).