Photo of Gerry Kanter

Gerry Kanter

Contract Instructor
    Department:School of Industrial Design


    Gerry Kanter is a technically savvy design and training specialist. He has always been fascinated by the history and evolution of ideas and devoted his career to finding solutions to research and innovation challenges. Applying his combined experience in policy and manufacturing, Gerry excels at finding common links that drive innovation research.

    For the last 10 years Gerry has worked at the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing, through his involvement in the fields of 3D scanning, reverse engineering and metrology for quality control. He also recently completed a master’s degree in policy and innovation from Carleton University (2014) and holds degrees in Political Science (2008) and Industrial Design (2000).

    In his spare time I help organize workshops and events for the Design Collective Ottawa, a local group that links designers and entrepreneurs through community initiatives.