Photo of Maryam Attef

Maryam Attef

Graduate Student


I earned my undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Integrated Science honors from Carleton University in June 2014.  My professional goals are to obtain a position in the healthcare system and utilize my knowledge and skills to encourage and promote innovative ideas in this field. The knowledge I gained in my four years of academic study in the Faculty of Science at Carleton University is not enough to get my foot in the door of the Canadian healthcare industry. I worked on my undergraduate research which focused on the effects of early marriage on women’s reproductive health through a systematic review of the literature and interviews with key informants working in this field.  It occurred to me that the field of Ergonomics/Human Factors focuses on the matching workplace factors to employee’s safety and increase their productivity. Then, I learned that ergonomics occupied a large part of our lives. I am pursuing my graduate education in the master’s program in Design with the focus on Human Factors and Ergonomics in the Healthcare sector.