Photo of Paul Thibaudeau

Paul Thibaudeau

Adjunct Professor, Contract Instructor
    Department:School of Industrial Design


    In light of my career experiences I now have three main related areas of research interest:

    First, I seek to better understand the nature of design research methods and theory and how it relates to the improvement of understanding users and product needs in design. Second, I want to explore the role of Indigenous pedagogies and design research pedagogies in education. Third, I want to explore how design and anthropology methods can be better combined and how we can foster a mutually productive relationship between our disciplines, as we both seek to better understand those communities and individuals we work with.

    Teaching Experience includes anthropology courses in introductory anthropology, symbolic anthropology, human evolution, applied anthropology, research methods and Indigenous peoples of Canada; in design I have taught courses in social understanding of human design and seminars in designing for the majority world.