Studio Project Objectives

Students were asked to design future scenarios for (and of) Carleton University in 2030, and the strategic directions to achieve them. Those future scenarios had to be able to leverage Carleton’s strengths and distinctive character, dialogue with its identity and support its evolution. Furthermore, they had to explore the role it has and it could have within our society, and represent the voice of its community – both internal and external. Through an extensive research process on: the context (local, national, and global), current and future trends, innovation patterns and discoveries, archetypal values, and on stakeholders’ needs as well as dreams, students identified possible future possibilities for the academic field, by thinking, rethinking and mainly re-imagining Carleton University’s future(s). Strategic and collective dialogue and envisioning activities characterized the design process.

Seeking – Daren Dzumhur, Kayla Daigle, Samantha Schneider, Lindsay McCauley
Transcending – Amira Ashraf, Maryam Attef, Carla Ayukawa, Angela Fahlman
Co-actualization – Cathy Malcolm Edwards, Dawson Clark, Najeeba Ahmed, Ruzbeh Irani