Studio Project Objectives

Design future scenarios for a fully inclusive Abilities Centre Ottawa that are barrier-free across physical and virtual offerings by 2026 and design the strategic guidelines to achieve them.

The Abilities Centre Ottawa (ACO) will be a fully integrated, inclusive, multi-purpose and accessible recreation facility designed to meet the needs of individuals and families interested in recreation, sport, drama, dance and active living. Inspired by the first and successful Abilities Centre in Whitby Ontario, the Abilities Centre Ottawa was federally incorporated as a Not-for-Profit organization on September 4th, 2014.

Virtu-All Sport & Recreation – Nima Sharifi, Lauren Tierney, Anna Verhoeven
Active Aging – Maya Chopra, Sophie Nakashima, Doreen Stegmuller
A Recipe for Inclusion – Missy Thomas, Morna Gamblin, Sara Abdou, Shiva Pouryousef