Section A​ – Chiara Del Gaudio​​

A Brighter Future – Grow lights for self-sufficient organic foods, serviced by the community. Abdullah Khan
Ethan Burgar
Martin Mariner
Youth Innovation Hub – Using a co-design and speculative design approach to envision scenarios of supporting the youth at the Rideau Hub with employment challenges. Abdullahi Omer
Tawab Amedi
Tristan Do
Rideau Hub Co-op – A collective of champions serving the Rideau community. Ben Tripp
Food for Thought – Creating community & building resilience through food. Camryn O’Donnell
Eben De Shane-Gill
Rideau Hub – Bringing nature into community. Bringing Unity into the Hub. Carly Gu
Ian Rynkiewicz
Lynn Dakhqan
The Tenant Lounge – fostering community and collaboration within the Rideau Hub. Eduardo Soto-Danseco
Graeme McNiece
Holly Smith
Nourishing the Neighbourhood – A future where the community is connected through food. Emily Chang
Building a Vibrant Community – A speculative redesign of Rideau Community Hub. Owyn Cramer
Susan Brinkhurst
Tiana Fabrikis

Section B – WonJoon Chung​

Circle of Emotions – Emotions applied to the redesign of a rotary fabric cutter Alesya Moshchenskaya
Ideology Metaphor – Bonsai Tree Nutcracker for Balanced Single Mothers Alexandria Armstrong
Revamp your rebrand – The connection between semiotics and logo redesign Ashley Koid
Making It Grand! – Finding a product’s new purpose using Emotional Design & Metaphors Dhatri Gunupudi
Clean Association – Habits Versus Products Ekaterina Kostina
Donation Inflation – Enhancing the Donation Experience Through Socio-Pleasure & Metaphor Elijah Robert
Paper Towel Dispenser Redesign – Using bisociation and applying design theories to improve a design. Eloisa Rulloda
Garmin Redesign– Gestalt Principles and Garmin Themed Space Heaters Emily Torres
Slate Bench Redesign – Applying design theories to improve a former design Erika MacGregor
Product Metaphors – Implementing Salient Properties Effectively Gabriel Farago
The Kiwi Cutter – Metaphors in Design Through a Kitchen Kiwi Tool Isabel Dukes
Optimizing Options – Using Gestalt principles in order to improve existing interfaces. James Lee
Redesigning a Staple Remover Using MAYA – Stationary | MAYA | Redesign | Ergonomics Jamie Frodis
Shrimp Peeler Board Redesign – Hand Tool Project Jeanne Zheng
Metaphor in Watering Can – Including biomimicry to enhance the water collecting expereience Kaleb Aman
Theories don’t ask for Opinions – Theoretical Product Redesign Kristina Kloosterman
Genie Watering Can – Wishing for a water solution Luke Wightman
Interface Redesign – Implementing the Gestalt Principle of Proximity in Smartwatch Interface Michael Fiorella
Space Heater Redesign – Brand extension redesign through effective prototyping Patrick Cusimano
Humidifier Redesign – Through the use of Gestalt and Metaphores Sage Tse
Beer for Women – A look into the outrages of gendered product design Sofia Parra
Inspiration Through Perspiration – Using changes in perspective to redesign furniture Spencer Hebb
Emotional Design– An Analysis of the Cybercycle Thomas Anthoney Wiwchar
Emotional Design – Applying socio-pleasure to a current product Tina Kazzazy
OC Transpo App – Applying Gestalt’s principles to improve Ottawa’s official transit app Ty Summers