Before you arrive make sure to calculate what your initial expenses will be in Canadian Dollars and make arrangements to bring enough funds with you to cover such expenses. Initial expenses can include transportation, food, first month’s rent and rental deposit, long distance phone calls, bed linens, etc.

The Awards and Financial Aid office at Carleton offers some advice and tips on student budgeting.

Travelers’ Cheques may be a good option if you want to avoid carrying large amount of cash.

As an international student, you may want to consider opening a Canadian bank account upon arriving to Canada. Keep in mind that the transferring and activation of funds can take a number of business days, and you may be charged additional fees by your institution. It is recommended that students plan ahead and meet with their financial institution back home to inquire about retrieving money from Canadian ATM machines and other options available to transfer and receive funds while being in Canada.

Remember to check when your tuition is due and to make arrangements in advance to settle your account in accordance to the conditions set by the Business Office. Please visit this page to see the current dates & deadlines. Residence and UHIP charges will be also added to student accounts and these charges are therefore to be paid under the same conditions set by the Business Office. Note that UHIP charges apply to both international and exchange students. For more information about settling your student account contact Student Accounts.

For more information about funding visit the Awards and Financial Aid Office at Carleton.